Not Your Average Pop Punk

Over the years Pop Punk has gone through many changes. Having grown up during the 2000’s, which is regarded by many as the golden era of pop punk, Academy Killer aren’t about to adopt this new school pop punk that’s making it’s rounds. As long time fans of 2000’s pop punk, Academy Killer aim to capture and deliver that distinct 2000’s Pop Punk sound. Characterized by hooky riffs capable of inducing some serious air guitar; lyrics, melodies and harmonies that will have you singing along at the top of your lungs, and just an overall upbeat & happy sound where even the saddest song could put a smile on your face.

Academy Killer Pop Punk Hamilton Canada Rock

Where It All Began

Based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Academy Killer was founded by Kevin Talbot in 2013 as an outlet for solo material. However, it wasn’t until early 2015 when Kevin joined forces with founding drummer, Steve Dilks. The two pieced together a lineup and made their live debut October 2015. Within their first year, Academy Killer had been booked for notable festivals such as Canadian Music Week, Burlington Sound of Music and INDIE WEEK. In addition to many gigs and festivals, the guys made no waste of time when it came to writing, recording, releasing material and getting their name out there as much as possible. Academy Killer released their debut CD, Late To The Party; shot and released a music video for their debut single, Late to the Party; released a pop punk cover of Justin Biebers, Love Yourself, with the video surpassing 1/4 million views on Youtube; and the band appeared in the music video for “Ready and Willing II” by New Found Glory.

What’s Next?

Academy Killer are working to maintain a strong push through their second year with the February release of a stand-alone single with accompanying video, plans to record and release more material and are gearing up to book an expansive list of shows.

With a long standing love for pop punk and an undying passion for performing and creating, Academy Killer are ready to take 2017 by storm and give you their all.